Add Power Windows – Installation on Older Vehicles – Tampa

There are several options if you want to add power windows to a car, truck, or van that currently has hand cranks. First consider if it might be easier and less expensive to upgrade your vehicle. Adding Power Windows and/or Power Door Locks can get expensive. Trading in your old vehicle to upgrade to one with power accessories as standard might be a better move. Here is a link to Edmunds if you want to check out some power options.

You currently have a hand crank that pulls your window up and down. Inside the door you might have a scissors type regulator or a cable regulator, which is more common in later model vehicles. In either case we will be adding a chain drive regulator with a motor over the existing hand crank (under the door panel). In the case of the manual cable regulator you may need to eventually replace that if (when) it breaks.

Power Up Auto will also add 2 lighted switches on the driver door and 1 lighted switch on the passenger door. We wire this to your fusebox with a add a fuse. These are wired to a fuse that is only on when the key is on so the lighted switch does not drain your battery.

There are a few recent models of vehicles (mostly Chrysler) where these overlay regulators can not be added as there is not enough space between the door panel and the inside of the manual cable regulator. There are other (more expensive) alternatives.

Currently adding power windows for the front 2 doors is $650 with these kits. For a bit more (about $800) Power Up Auto can add FACTORY power windows. This would involve removing the existing manual regulator and adding the OEM motor/regulator assembly. These original equipment power windows would run much faster and last longer than the overlay style regulators.

If you have a classic vehicle and would like to add power windows Power Up Auto has access to several options for that as well.  classic cars

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