Optima, Sportage, Tucson Window Gear Replacement. DIY and SAVE or Call us Now.

Kia and Hyundai have an issue with the GEAR inside the Window Regulator. They tend to strip out and the window will not move. IF the regulator is broken you will need to replace the entire window regulator. The regulator is the entire inside panel, including the cables and cross brackets. It does not include the window motor, which has not been a problem. The motors are reliable and seldom fail. The most common problem is the Optima Window Gear replacement. Although we have also done quite a few Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson.

You can buy these Gears for the Optima, Sportage, & Tucson Window Gear replacement HERE. Superquick shipping USPS.


Changing the gear is complicated. It takes some time and quite a bit of physical strength. If you think you can do this we sell the gears on our web site www.upanddownmainstreet.com and will provide the video instructions.

How to change it on the REAR windows Optima, Tucson, Sportage
How to change the gear on the FRONT windows Optima, Tucson, Elantra

If you are in TampaBay or Manasota we would be glad to come to your home or business to repair your Kia Optima, Hyundai Tucson, or Kia Sportage windows. Call us at 727-410-9995.

Power Up Auto has repaired over 45,000 windows for 33,000 customers since 1995. We start early and are available on the weekends. We are available in Tampa, Pinellas, Pasco, Manatee, and Sarasota counties. You can always email or text us but a phone call is the quickest way to get in touch. 727-410-9995. Scott


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Power Window Repair in The San Diego Area

If you are in the San Diego area and in need of Auto window repair or replacement  Power Up Auto would like to recommend


OR give them a call at 619-825-2562

Motor Home Power Window Repair Tampa Bay.

No vehicle too large for Power Up Auto to repair. Much easier for us to come to you than to drop this off at the local garage. 2015 Freightliner Motor Home involved cleaning the contacts on the window switch. This one had that new car smell AND new house smell.IMG_1207 IMG_1206

Add Power Windows – Installation on Older Vehicles – Tampa

There are several options if you want to add power windows to a car, truck, or van that currently has hand cranks. First, consider if it might be easier and less expensive to upgrade your vehicle. Adding Power Windows and/or Power Door Locks can get expensive. Trading in your old vehicle to upgrade to one with power accessories as standard might be a better move. Here is a link to Edmunds if you want to check out some power options.

You currently have a hand crank that pulls your window up and down. Inside the door, you might have a scissors-type regulator or a cable regulator, which is more common in later-model vehicles. In either case, we will be adding a chain drive regulator with a motor over the existing hand crank (under the door panel). In the case of the manual cable regulator, you may need to eventually replace that if (when) it breaks.

Power Up Auto will also add 2 lighted switches on the driver door and 1 lighted switch on the passenger door. We wire this to your fusebox with an add a fuse. These are wired to a fuse that is only on when the key is on so the lighted switch does not drain your battery.

There are a few recent models of vehicles (mostly Chrysler) where these overlay regulators can not be added as there is not enough space between the door panel and the inside of the manual cable regulator. There are other (more expensive) alternatives.

Currently adding power windows for the front 2 doors is $1200 with these kits.  Power Up Auto can also add FACTORY power windows. Or assemblies designed specifically for your application ($1400-$1800). This would involve removing the existing manual regulator and adding the OEM motor/regulator assembly. These original equipment power windows would run much faster and last longer than the overlay-style regulators.

If you have a classic vehicle and would like to add power windows Power Up Auto has access to several options for that as well.  classic cars

4 Thoughts on Automotive Repair

4 Thoughts on Automotive Repair

4 Thoughts on Automotive Repair. No one wants to feel they’ve been taken advantage of when having a vehicle serviced. Here, your friends at Power Up Auto want to offer ways to protect yourself and be confident you are receiving good value and service for your money.

1) Where to go? 20 years ago the first place to start was to ask your friends and family. Who did they use and were they satisfied? Did they feel the price was reasonable? Today our friends network has grown a lot larger. The web has plenty of citation sources to find out who is out there for auto, van, & truck service. a quick google search will take you to a shops google + page. If you check out Yelp you might also check the non recommended reviews. When searching try more specific terms. While the term “car repair” might bring up tons of repair shops, “auto power window repair” would bring up us. You might even find an answer to a problem without paying a professional. Check the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any outstanding complaints. Also, make sure the repair shop is licensed with your state. State of Florida License Look Up.

Power Window Repair St Petersburg

Power Up Auto A Rated

2) Can you describe the problem? A knowledgeable technician should have some ideas as to what might be involved before they look at the car. Sometimes diagnostic tests (and charges) are needed but usually we have a good guess as soon as you mention the year and model of your vehicle. Similar cars have similar problems. Be prepared to accurately (but briefly) describe the problem. Dealers especially want to commit you to working with them. Many times they can tell what is wrong right away but will charge a fee which they then apply to an overpriced repair. Don’t be afraid to ask for a “ballpark” guess as to what it might be. Power Up Auto will never charge a diagnostic fee.

Power Window Repair Clearwater

3) Can the technician or shop owner describe the solution? If the explanation given to you is not clear do not agree to any service. The tech can show you on the car or on a diagram but it is VITAL that you understand what the problem was and how it will be resolved. Are there any other components within the same system that might become defective later? Ask all the questions you want. If the repair shop gets frustrated find another shop.

4) How’s the warranty? Sure, everyone will rush to take your money. The real test is will they go all out for you AFTER the sale. In Florida? You can file a complaint with the state here. The Department of Agriculture will investigate and possibly get you a refund. Be fair, but demand a high level of service.

Power Window Repair Tampa

Florida Department of Agriculture

For any concerns with your doors including handles, windows, side view mirrors, locks, or trim pieces please call Power Up Auto @ 727/410-9995  for advice anytime. Thanks, Scott

Inside Door Handle Broken, Victim Drowns

Police released information that a broken inside door handle on her Chevy Aveo may have contributed to the death of Apryl Foster in Tampa Bay recently. My personal opinion is that people usually can not get out of their car during a crisis as they are unconscious, not due to mechanical failure inside the door. Still better to repair your driver window or inside handle before a tragic event occurs. Call Power Up Auto for Power Window Repair and Door Lock Repair.


Phoenix Power Window Repair

Phoenix Power Window Repair

If you find yourself in Phoenix, Arizona and are in need of quality power window repair you should try http://powerwindowrepair.com/

Mention Scott from Power Up Auto sent you. Thanks, Scott


Classic Car Power Window Repair

Classic Car Power Window Repair

Classic Car Power Window Repair. Power Up Auto is pleased to offer Power Window Repair and Installation for your classic car. Speciality regulator designs available to restore your classic to power window perfection OR add power windows to replace the hand cranks in your vehicle now. After 20 years and 40,000 invoices Power Up Auto can offer expert installation. We will discuss the options with you and will make sure this will work BEFORE we order the parts. Power Up will only take on a project if we can be sure of a perfect fit. Call us for details 727/410-9995. We know it’s your baby but we’ll work on it as if it’s our car.






Touch of Class Car Shows-Power Window Repair Tampa

Touch of Class Car Shows-Power Window Repair Tampa

Touch of Class Car Shows-Power Window Repair Tampa. Met Jack Batchelor today from Touch of Class Car Shows. They organize unique car shows in the Tampa Bay area.

Touch Of Class Car Shows is all about fun. We operate several shows in the Clearwater, Florida area where we have something for everyone in your family.

We always have trophies, door prizes, 50/50 and lots more that is sure to put a smile on your face no matter your age or your passion.




Power Window Repair Tampa 1968 Camaro

Mint 68 Camaro

Boston Marathon Dana Farber

Dana Farber Boston Marathon

Tracy at the Disney Marathon

Boston Marathon Dana Farber, If you want to help out a fundraiser (and maybe win a few $$$’s yourself) please consider buying a square in Tracy Simons Saperstein final 4 pool. Tracy is running the Boston Marathon (incredible as it sounds) and is doing so on behalf of Dana Farber. Her original goal was $4,000 and I did not think there was any way she would reach that. I stand corrected. Tracys’ NEW goal is $26,200 and I am confident she will succeed. If you can make a small donation it is appreciated. If you want to buy a final 4 square for $30 (2% chance of winning big bucks) equally appreciated. Contact Tracy directly for the final 4 squares. Quick link for any donation below. Tracy what you have done is amazing. I am so proud to tell everyone you are my sister. Boston Marathon Dana Farber