How to Lock Up a Car Window Tampa Bay Power Window Repair

How to Lock Up a Car Window Tampa Bay Power Window Repair. Greetings from Power Up Auto, If you find your car window down, here’s what to look for.

1) When you push the window button you hear no sound coming from the door.

a) Check to see if your window lock is on. There is either a push button or toggle switch on your master control switch that prevents your passengers from using their windows. In American cars the drivers control will usually work, even when the lock out is on. On most foreign cars none of the windows will work with the lock out on.

b) Try the switch and listen at the door. If you hear a click when you depress the switch in one direction but not the other, the problem is likely your switch. (keep in mind, if either door switch is bad neither switch will work).

c) Start the car, open the door not working, depress the switch in the direction you want the window to go. With your other hand slam the door shut. Often, if the problem is the motor it may start working again. Do not count on this working forever. Eventually your window will not go up, generally at the least convenient time.

2) When you depress the window button you hear a crunching, grinding sound. Probably the window regulator (the cables and cross bracket that pull the window up and down) has broken. Not usually repairable, you will need to replace this. Power Up Auto has access to New, Used, Rebuilt, and Aftermarket parts. No matter your budget we can solve your problem. (727) 410-9995.

a) If you want to try to get the window up DO NOT use a pair of pliers. Glass is like a diamond and easy to shatter. If the glass is only half way down you might be able to pull it up. The video below will show you how to secure it.

Call Power Up Auto for your power window repair. Thanks, Scott. How to Lock Up a Car Window Tampa Bay Power Window Repair