Power Window Repair in Brandon, FL

If you are looking for automotive power window repair in Brandon, FL, Power up Auto can service, replace and repair your power windows, locks, and handles. Since 1995 Power Up Auto has serviced over 578 customers in Brandon, FL.

We worked on a 1982 C3 Corvette on Alafia Blvd in Brandon, Fl. This classic car was in process of restoration. Power Up Replaced both window motors and the passenger door outer handle and window regulator.

2003 Hummer H2 on Grand Regency Blvd in Brandon, FL. Power Up replaced the driver window regulator.

2004 Lincoln LS on Sandywood Dr in Brandon, FL. Power Up replaced the Passenger Front window regulator.

1934 Ford on W Lumsden Rd in Brandon, FL. This classic (Mint) vehicle had been converted from manual roll up windows to aftermarket power windows. We were able to find a motor to fit the passenger window.

1934 Ford in Brandon, FL

1934 Ford in Brandon, FL

2011 Mazda CX7 on Grand Regency Blvd in Brandon, FL. Mazda has had an issue with the gears inside the motors. Easy to change but you need to be careful not to unspool the window regulator when removing the motor.

2002 Ford Explorer on Bell Ranch St in Brandon, FL. Involved changing the window regulators (Cable and motor).

2000 Ford Mustang on Tuxford Dr in Brandon, FL. The mustang needed to replace the door glass. Actually just the glass clips had come off but you can not re glue these back on and need to change the entire window.

2001 VW Passat on Balaye Vista Dr in Brandon, FL. These regulators (cables that pull the glass up and down) are a huge panel behind the door panel.

2008 Nissan Titan on Columbia Pine Lane in Brandon, FL. The 2004-2008 Titan usually involves changing the window motor. The Nissan Motors are very expensive so Power Up recommends the Dorman brand motors, excellent quality.

2001 Chrysler Sebring Convertible on Dewolf Rd in Brandon, FL. We do many of the convertible 1/4 windows on the 1996-2006 Sebring and can provide new or used parts.

Please call us at 727-410-9995. We typically can give accurate price information by phone. Normally available in Brandon same day.


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