Power Window Repair Buicks Tampa

Power Window Repair Buicks Tampa –  Regal & Century, Olds Intrigue. The 1998-2005 Buick Regal, 1997-2005 Buick Century, and 1997-2005 Olds Intrigue use a cable regulator system. The regulator can be replaced without changing the motor. If you hear a crunching, grinding sound and the glass falls into the door the window regulator is broken. You may change it with the motor if you like but you certainly do not need to. The aftermarket parts average 18-24 months. We have seen them last longer or fail sooner. If your window is running slow you might try LIGHTLY spraying the 2 up and down run channels with any silicone spray. They often dry out from the heat and cause the glass to grab. DO NOT spray the horizontal seal strip (the channel your arm would rest on if the window were open.

If the window does not make any sound it is either the window motor or the switch.  If you can hear a click in the door when you press the switch down but nothing when you press the switch up it is probably the 5 button switch. If you do hear a click in both directions it might be your window motor. The 5 button switch also has a lock out button designed to prevent the passengers from using their windows (The driver can always control all 4 windows from the driver switch). The lock out toggle button breaks on every switch. You can not fix that, you will need a new 5 button switch.

Questions. Please call Power Up Auto 727/410-9995. We would be glad to help.  Power Window Repair Buicks Tampa –  Regal & Century, Olds Intrigue

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Power Window Repair Buicks Tampa