Power Window Repair St Petersburg, Lincoln Town Car 1990-2010

Power Window Repair St Petersburg, Lincoln Town Car 1990-2010. The Lincoln Town Car has had several revisions on the power windows over the years. 1990-1992, 1993-1997, 1998-2010. The window regulator is two cables on a metal cross bracket that attaches to the window motor. If you hear a crunching, grinding sound and the glass falls into the door you will need to replace the regulator. When purchased from Ford the motor comes with the reg for the 1998-2010 design. The 1993-1997 window regulators are now made in India (by Ford) and are terrible quality.

The motor can be removed and replaced without the regulator. Until 1999 Ford used a window motor that never dies. There are three small plastic spacers inside the motor that need to be replaced. If you hold your finger on the window switch you will hear the gear turning as long as you depress the button (If the motor only turns for 5-10 seconds it is a broken regulator). 1999-2010 use a sealed motor that goes out quite often, for this you will need to change the entire motor.

The new Town Cars tend to have a problem with the window switches where carbon builds up on the contacts. Power Up Auto can usually take apart the switch and clean the contacts.

The older Town Cars need replacement of the door lock actuators, the door lock motor inside each door. The newer Town Cars have been having a problem where the rivet that holds the actuator to the door panel breaks off. Power Up Auto can remove the panel and replace the rivet. Power Window Repair St Petersburg, Lincoln Town Car 1990-2010